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mosquito : photo by osamu yamazaki

About Me

つのだ ゆき



1991年生まれ 女子美術大学 メディアアート学科 2013年卒業









Yuki Tsunoda


Born in February, 1991.

Graduated Jyoshi Bijyutsu University, Department of Media Art on 2013.


Began to make observation of insects that I want to make by glass on 2012 and started to make it earnestly on 2013, after I graduated the University.


I wondered why Ants, Bees, Ladybugs and many other kinds of insects are motifed on many items, but people fill so disgusted to them, especially when they swarm together.

All the beginning of making glass works was that I felt so curious about it and tried to express the disgust and aversion by creating line of Ants.


But as I studied them more and more, I began to take note of the beauty of each individual body parts of the insects and I eventually shifted my focus to emphasizing the beauty of insects by creating them as realistic forms and scale by using glass.


Right now I'm working on to make some more living things, other than bugs as well.

Contact Me

1-792-5 Daimon,Omeshi,Tokyo


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